Top 10 Healthcare Stories of 2015

#10: Obamacare Grows!


2015 marked the second year of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s landmark legislation created to help decrease the rate of uninsured.

50 Health Insurance Marketplaces launched nationwide and here are the 2015 results:

  • More than 5 million new Americans enrolled joining the 8 million that enrolled in 2014 (65% growth).
  • 85% of those that enrolled in 2014 renewed their coverage.
  • and other state enrollment sites saw more than 52 million visitors and answered more than 21 million phone calls.
  • 84% of those enrolled received financial help that lowered the monthly price of  each health plan to an average of $101/month
  • 55% of those receiving financial help paid less than $100/month



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